Luck Be a Lady

Luck Be a LadyThis should come as a shock to no one: for a cross-dressing son, there is no greater role model than that of his mother. In many ways, by donning a dress and wearing makeup and generally doing ourselves over as a woman, it is our mothers that we seek to emulate—and, dare I say, perhaps even replace. So it’s no surprise that becoming one’s mother—whether it’s by disguise, bodysuit or bodyswap—is a common trope in TG fiction. Heck, I’ve done it often enough myself (although not literally), so what’s once more? Let’s face it, most of us can’t get enough of this stuff. So sit back, relax, kick off those high heels and enjoy yourself!

I’d like to dedicate this vignette to a TG captioneer from the old days (i.e., several years ago), who has recently gotten back in the game: the famed Jen DerBender, whose ginormous JPGs were (and are again) the stuff of legend in the TG community. She disappeared for awhile, but she’s back now with a vengeance and a new Yahoo group: Jen DerBender’s Rebirth. Do check her out; the quality of her writing certainly merits the effort.

The reason for this is that one of Jen’s main interests was (and is) the son-to-mother transformation. That isn’t all she does, of course, but those captions might have been her most memorable. The one little problem I had with some of them was the mention of carnal relations betwixt the newly minted mother and ‘her’ husband. That’s fine if the man in question was not the biological father of the son—but unfortunately that wasn’t always the case. I’ve always been very careful, in my own work, to show the cross-dressed woman involved with a step-father or a boyfriend; Jen does that in some captions but not in others. Personally, I feel this is an important line that should never be crossed. Only my opinion, of course, but I suspect it’s shared by most people. But with that caveat in mind, please don’t let that stop you from checking out Jen’s work; she does deserve our support.

As far as my own work goes, this vignette is similar to “Man Trap” and “Mommy Dearest” from 2014, and “The Wedding” from 2012. But it probably has more in common with a few older stories: “Mother’s Boy” and “The Mommy Trap” from 2009, and of course “The Replacement” from 2007.


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