MesmerizedToday we revisit another tale as old as time, where two men vie for the affections of a beautiful woman. She chooses one, leaving the other man alone and heartbroken. Then, tragically, the woman passes away. Needless to say… a suitable replacement simply must be found. Who do you suppose will be chosen? This is TG magic-land, folks, where men turn into gorgeous gals at the drop of a hat and the conversion process is so thorough and so perfect that you couldn’t tell the new woman from a woman born with the aid of a microscope. Well… maybe a microscope. But certainly not with the naked eye, as you yourself can plainly see. Enjoy!

I’ve had this pic kicking around for quite awhile. I started the caption months ago, but only just figured out how to end it. This tale is somewhat similar to the recent “Lawsuit“, but a better antecedent is “Hypnotic Transgression” from 2013. And yeah, this is another caption that could have been turned into a much longer story. Sadly, no time! I have other projects on the boil.


P.S. By the by, I’m not sure if anyone picked up on this, but the mention of “Mr. Bond” and “Commander” in this cap does leave open the possibility that it’s none other than James Bond himself who arranged for this particular feminization; and then maybe it’s good ole Q (not the one from Star Trek) who did the feminizing. Not that it matters much; just a cool bit of trivia.

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