Last Temptation

Last TemptationThe little black dress is a staple of womanly fashion, and I suspect it holds a special place in the hearts of most cross-dressers as well. How better to become the quintessential young woman of style and grace? You just gotta say yes to the little black dress… Now imagine you walk into a room in your house—a spare bedroom, say—and there it is, a vintage black dress (50s style) that once belonged to your mother. You’re tempted, of course. Who wouldn’t be? But wait! Like the Sorting Hat at Hogwarts, the dress has something to say. And of course, you simply must listen…

Incidentally, there are two ways to interpret this caption. (SPOILER ALERT: Read the caption first!) You could take this as a circular time travel tale, where the son is turned into his mother and simultaneously sent back in time to take her place in the past—but that’s not what I intended. Rather, I’m thinking that the son is turned into a carbon copy of his mother (in her youth) and is then doomed (if that’s the right word) to repeat the cycle in the present; that is, to meet a man, marry him and bear a son, who will then go on to repeat the cycle in the future. So the dress is a magical talisman that is passed down from mother to son/daughter, always remaining in the same family, and acting to (in a way) perpetuate itself—or at least its continued use as a husband-magnet. Quite a concept, huh?

This is the first caption I’ve done that features a talking dress. But besides that, the son-to-mother trope is of course nothing new. The previous caption, “Come as Your Mum“, is a good example, as is last year’s “Like Mother, Like Son“. However, these involve only dressing up as the mother rather than actually turning into her. For that, you can check out “Time Travel” from 2015, and from 2014 “Disbelief” and “Ghost in the Machine“. There are undoubtedly other examples elsewhere in the archives. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Last Temptation

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    • I hear ya. If the Borg had shown up in dresses like this, and looking appropriately feminine and fabulous, Starfleet personnel would have flocked to join them! 🙂

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