Come as Your Mum

Come as Your MumI don’t know if a sorority ever hosted a party with a theme of “come as your mum”, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a real thing. Personally, I just like the phrase: “Come as your Mum.” It trips off the tongue so nicely. And it’s a concept that must surely resonate with anyone who discovered the joys of cross-dressing at a young age. (“Come as your sis” just doesn’t have the same cadence. Plus, I don’t have a sister.) Anyway, here’s how the whole thing might go down if and when one poor sod’s mother really buys into the idea. And we’re talking about a serious buy-in here, where the intent is to turn the son into a veritable doppelgänger of the mother. Enjoy!

Incidentally, I was trying to work in something about the son becoming the spitting image of his mother at the time of his conception—which is sort of an interesting idea and at the same time kind of a huge mind-fuck (pardon my language)—but it just wasn’t a fit with the plot. C’est la vie.

Fans of my work might recognize this phrase as the subtitle of a long story from way back in 2012, “The Wedding“. Can’t say there’s much similarity between that novelette and this caption, but it does show that the idea has been kicking around in my head for quite awhile.


3 thoughts on “Come as Your Mum

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  2. gee the closest I ever came to this was the year I was in high school when my mom suggested we go trick or treating as each other. She dressed up in my old football uniform, clunky shoes and all, and I wore one of her dresses, heels, stockings (no panty hose yet) and a bra for daily use (in other words not too fancy or sexy). We had a million laughs with our neighbors and her friends ( I didn’t run in to any of mine) She’s gone now but stories like this remind me of her and bring a smile to my face. Thanks.

    • You’re welcome. It sounds like you had a great relationship with your mom. You’re lucky. I was often at loggerheads with mine (also long gone now). No particular reason; she was a very nice person, and very creative. For some reason we just butted heads a lot. Maybe I took after her a bit too much.

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