Quest for Perfection

Quest for PerfectionHere’s the thing about cross-dressing, for all you newbies out there: the closer you can get to looking like a real woman, the better. Not exactly a news flash, but the general public really doesn’t understand this. It’s not just about wearing the clothing of the opposite sex. It’s about becoming the opposite sex; or as near as you can get, given whatever constraints you happen to be operating under. But assuming you’ve got all the time in the world, and all the resources you could want… every little thing has to be perfect. The right makeup, applied the right way, to turn your face into a woman’s face. The right clothing and the right shaping to transform your body into a female body. The right hair (wig or extensions), styled the right way, to turn whatever you got up top into a woman’s crowning glory. We’ve all been there; we’ve all felt that urge to do more, to go a little further, to become that much more of a woman. It’s an obsession. This is one way that quest could end, if you’re very lucky and very dedicated.

I’m no stranger to makeup / makeover captions, that’s for sure, and red lips are a particular favorite. In that regard, this pic reminds me of “You Belong to Me“, from last year. But it’s amusing to contrast this caption with both “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and “Break My Spirit“, where the subject of the makeover takes a very different stance toward his transformation. Enjoy!


Quest for Perfection

Quest for Perfection

2 thoughts on “Quest for Perfection

  1. You achieved it!!

    I LOVE this one… it’s a stand alone! I am constantly a victim of that voice. … but sadly, it IS a quest….not a destination (especially when you have the starting canvas that I deal with. ….I tend to show better in low light😉)

    • Glad you liked it. The “voice” is something we’re all familiar with. An earlier age might have referred to it as an imp (or even a leprechaun); a tiny sprite sitting on your shoulder telling you to “go on, do it. You know you want to.” Sort of like those old cartoons where a tiny devil pops up on one shoulder and a tiny angel on the other. The devil tells you to shave a little closer, wear a little more makeup, dash on a little perfume (don’t worry about later), and get your butt outside—it’s dark, but maybe someone’ll see you anyway! As for the tiny angel, it’s telling you to take all this stuff off before anyone finds out; head down, deny your desires. Angels are sooo boring!

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