Woman’s Day

Woman's DayThe covers of lady’s magazines from yesteryear are excellent fodder for gender manipulation, in my not-too-humble opinion. Naturally, they’re all sexist as hell, which is a reflection of society at the time. Fortunately, things have improved; women have come a long way and such overt sexism is now rare. So why turn around and make guys the target of such sexist attitudes? Hmmm. Good question… One answer might be that turnabout is fair play. Women were (and too often still are) the targets of gender bias, so maybe it’s only justice that men should suffer the same fate now and then.

But it’s more than that. This caption is part of a long history of transgender fantasy, wherein men are pushed (forced?) into old-style feminine roles. (How many caps have guys becoming secretaries?) Any man today who takes on a female life or lifestyle certainly wouldn’t (and shouldn’t have to) put up with that kind of bias, but as a fantasy it’s a whole different beast. The idea of turning into a stereotypical female, like the women pictured here, is somehow better than becoming a modern, liberated women—because it means somehow becoming more of a woman. This is a weird idea, I know, and one that really doesn’t stand up to logical scrutiny. But like everyone else, we cross-dressers are the products of our pasts, and all the societal influences from our upbringing, so we’re kind of stuck with the notion.

Bottom line? This is a harmless vice that hurts no one—and hopefully doesn’t offend anybody either—so let’s not lose any sleep over it.

This cover has obvious similarities to the recent “True Detective” caption, but its closest relative is last year’s “Hairpieces” book cover. Enjoy!


Woman's Day

Woman’s Day cover

3 thoughts on “Woman’s Day

  1. Interesting comments on why we all (well, a lot of us) enjoy ‘sexist as hell…’ tg captions. Or to put it another way ‘He became a 50s housewife so you don’t have to’ ?

    • It would be nice to think that the women of today somehow benefit from our (well, a lot of us) obsession with female stereotypes. But we’ll probably have to settle for simply not causing any further damage. I suspect that most cross-dressers are actually quite supportive of full equality for women, although I admit to not having done any research on the topic (if any exists I’d love to hear about it). The playful part of my brain wants me to say that it’s because we want to keep those sexually repressive roles for ourselves (lol), but I won’t go there in any serious way. It is interesting, though, how the human mind can manage to simultaneously hold two entirely opposing ideas (albeit in slightly different areas), without overheating and generally going nuclear. But it can, and we do, so we’re stuck with it.

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