Another Desperate Housewife

Desperate HousewifePicture it: you’re hanging out with your best girl and you’re watching what she wants to watch, because that’s the kind of laid-back nice guy you are. Then, for whatever reason (use your imagination), you happen to lean over and touch the screen. Poof! You’re sucked into the world of the TV show—just like in Pleasantville, which by the way is a seriously underrated film, a cult classic really, and Toby Maguire was great in it no matter what you think of his subsequent performance as Spider-Man (I thought he was an excellent Spidey as well). So there you are, through the looking glass with not a clue as to why you’re there or how to get back, and get this: you’re not in your own body! You’re in someone else’s body—and double get-this: it’s a woman’s body! Oooh, bet you never saw that one coming… Enjoy!

Offhand, I don’t recall doing a caption quite like this before. I usually avoid using celebrity pics in my work (a certain duchess being a noteworthy exception), and even then never as themselves. The only direct actress-related caps I can find are: “The Lovely Miss Weasley” from 2013, and “That ’70s Drag” from way back in 2011. I also did a “Through the Looking Glass” cap in 2014, but it didn’t involve a celebrity.


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