Sweet Sixteen

Sweet SixteenFor most teens, turning sixteen is a big deal. Guys look forward to being able to drive a car (legally, that is). Girls look forward to the car thing too, but being sixteen is also a huge milestone on the road to becoming a woman. But for one teenage boy, luckless enough to come between two greedy people and a personal fortune, turning sixteen represents no more (and no less) than a lifetime in skirts. Enjoy!

The plot for this caption is one I’ve never used before (so far as I know), but of course the use of hypnosis harkens back to any number of other caps. For instance, “Hypnotic Feminization” and “Like Mother, Like Son” both spring to mind. And “The New Mrs Chronos” from 2014. The dress here looks a lot like the one from “Power Dressing” in 2013; classic Fifties chic.


One thought on “Sweet Sixteen

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