Feel the Fear

Feel the FearAt the risk of undermining all the warnings I’ve been issuing of late, like yesterday’s dire warning of being compelled to take one’s cross-dressing too far, or the forbidden passions hinted at the day before, I’d like to offer up this simple tale of courage. It is said that the true hero is not a person who feels no fear, but someone who does feel the fear—and acts anyway. That means facing whatever challenge happens to be at hand; from charging into a burning building to marching yourself into the teeth of an end-of-season sale at Dress Barn, wearing a silk blouse, pencil skirt and four-inch peep-toe pumps. Most people, one suspects, would prefer the burning building.

This theme strongly echoes back to captions such as Dismay and Courage and the Crossdresser, both from 2014. Enjoy!


P.S. By the way, this caption completes my four-day pre-Easter blitz. Now it’s back to the drawing board for me, to come up with new material. May the Easter bunny be kind to all my readers and bring you lots of goodies and whatever else you desire that an over-sized anthropomorphic rabbit is capable of delivering. Hmm, I wonder if that would stretch to lingerie… They used to sell pantyhose in eggs, so why not?

6 thoughts on “Feel the Fear

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    • That’s nice of you to say. If I inspire anything in my readers, I hope it’s to realize that cross-dressers (and trans people of any stripe) are not alone in their feelings, and they deserve to be treated with respect. That, and the importance of good writing as a way of respecting one’s readers. (If I think of anything else I’d like to inspire, I’ll let you know…)

      • What a beautiful thing to say, thank you for your kind comments we all deserve respect, each and every one of us. May your days be full and your light shine on brightly every day xo

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