Compulsion and the Cross-dresser

CompulsionAfter yesterday’s caption, you might have thought that I’d exhausted this subject. Not so. What was missing from all those warnings (and do read them again if you’ve forgotten) was a compelling—and mind-blowingly dire—example of the kind of trouble an obsession with cross-dressing can lead to. This little vignette is that example; based on a more-or-less true-ish story, I might add. (Not my life, of course, but someone I met some time back, or maybe just heard about through somebody else’s friend’s mother. You know how stories get around, and this one’s way too juicy to avoid that fate.) So again, take heed, don’t try this at home, and bear in mind that if you do try this the result may not be so neat and tidy as what’s shown here. Enjoy!


P.S. This thingy isn’t just a caption, girlfriend; click the smaller icon above for the full vignette in a PDF.


Compulsion and the Cross-dresser caption

13 thoughts on “Compulsion and the Cross-dresser

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