Like Never Before

Like Never BeforeI feel a bit like Paul Revere these days, on a midnight ride across the Americas and the wider world on a virtual steed, issuing my dire warning to one and all: not that the British are coming, but that cross-dressing is, like, seriously addictive. Hear me, oh people of Earth who enjoy wearing the clothing of the opposite sex—and beware, because this sort of thing can get way out of hand. Today’s caption is only the latest example. Yesterday, I stressed that you might incur female desires along with your womanly attire. Less than two weeks past I warned of how self-feminization can become a dangerous addiction. Last month I showed how easily cross-dressing can lead to the habitual telling of mammoth whoppers (I mean lies, people, not the other kind of mammoth whoppers), and how it can turn your mind into a veritable battleground between your male and female aspects. Add it all up and you have to wonder what’s keeping the CDC (and maybe the FDA) from declaring cross-dressing an activity too dangerous for public consumption. Perhaps in the future the practice will be tightly regulated, with licenses available to those able to prove that they can handle both the physical demands and the mental-health risks. But until that happens, heed my dire warning—indulge in the sweet science at your own risk!


9 thoughts on “Like Never Before

  1. I really like this.

    I love how the wife subtly and continually attacks Ted’s lack of masculinity during the first half of the caption. Her first attack is in her very first speech bubble when she says that he “used to my little hubby.” The past tense nature is interesting in that she is referencing a sort of metaphorical divorce or separation. And there’s the choice of the word “little.” It could mean “wimpy” but could also mean that the size of his you know what doesn’t satisfy her.

    Of course, this could explain why the wife is so eager to bring out Tessa and keep her around as long as possible. If Tessa gets screwed by a real man, it’s only right that the wife should FINALLY get the same chance.

    • Good analysis! I was thinking more in terms of being physically small enough to fit into his wife’s dress and also to be able to turn himself into such a convincing and attractive woman, but you could be right…

  2. Wow, Ted went all out with realistic breasts and that usable vagina. I just wonder how much his wife or BFF knows about the realistic breasts that connect to your own nipples to give you feelings and the usable vagina that allows for sexual activity; until she reads the directions that is. Very well done.

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