That Old Black Magic

That Old Black MagicSo there you are, sitting in some boring old company meeting with your coworkers droning on about whatever the hell guys like that talk about—and lo and behold your junk disappears! Just like that. Whaddya do? Freak out? You better believe you’d freak out. And so does one Emmett Syster, whose story is told in “That Old Black Magic“. If you want to find out what happens to Emmett, and why, then read on and do try to enjoy yourself.

Fans of absurdist TG fiction will love this story. It began with a very simple premise, that a guy’s junk could suddenly vanish, and I expected to write a few pages about how that might go and release it as a vignette. No such luck. Try 29 pages. As they say in writing circles, a story has to find its own true length; all the author can do is hang on for dear life until the end is in sight. Thankfully, I managed to do that.

This is a fairly unique story, but it does have a few elements in common with “Dreams in the Witch House” from 2014. The supernatural theme, most obviously, but also the slow gender transformation, driven by forces that the victim cannot control or even understand. On the other hand, this story has more of a humorous aspect and the ending makes it less of a horror story and more of a romantic comedy. As always, I’m all about bringing a little something different to the table every time out. Which is as it should be!

And now, check out this cool promotional poster…


“That Old Black Magic” promo


11 thoughts on “That Old Black Magic

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  2. Amanda, I read so much of your output but fail to comment as often as I should. You have a rare talent, and you are the best TG fiction writer out there.

    I love all your work; from captions, through vignettes, to full blown stories.

    You have obviously wrestled with your desires and feelings on this subject, and I never quite know what to expect from your work. But it often mirrors my own feelings.

    From a personal point of view, I have always been able to function as the damn near perfect boyfriend/husband. I’m kind, helpful, polite: chivalrous even.

    But I wonder if the women I hold the door open for, or give up my seat for on a train or bus, know that I often wonder what it feels like to BE them. That I’m checking out their figures, for sure, but that I’m also looking at their outfits to see what matches; what would look good on me.

    I also wonder how they would feel if they knew that I was wearing similar panties and tights under my male clothes.

    And I love how much of your work takes things a few steps further to explore the ‘how would I feel towards guys if I fully embraced my desire to dress as a woman’.

    Anyway, keep up the wonderful work, and I promise to comment more frequently, because I think it is important to show artists that their work is appreciated. And, Amanda, you are an artist!

    • Thank you! Wow, so many kind words. I especially like that you never quite know what to expect from me; that shows that I’m growing as a writer (and maybe a person as well), which is exactly what I strive for. It certainly sounds like we are of a mind about the cross-dressing experience (although I’ve never worn panties or tights under my pants). It’s always good to be reminded that I’m not alone in these feelings, which was certainly something sadly missing during the long years before the World Wide Web. 🙂

  3. Amanda,

    Kudos…I can only echo Amanda’s thoughts. Touching and very imaginative…I loved the inner voice. Have you ever thought of writing the other half of the story? It would make a lovely two part novella.

    Sorry….I should have said “I can only echo Clare’s thoughts…”

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the story.
      I have no plans to revisit this tale. There isn’t really an “other half”, since it did come to a definite conclusion. (spoiler alert) The story began when the guy lost his junk, and ended when he became a complete woman. That’s the natural plot arc; adding anything else would be anticlimactic.

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  6. This was, by far, the most touching, funny and witty TG tale I have ever found. The pacing was spot on. I love the wonderfully slow unfolding of the transition. The dialog and characterizations – superb. I was so drawn into Monique’s story – total resonance. Bravo!

    • Wow. Thank you! That’s really nice to hear. It was a fun story to write; just taking a rather absurd premise and running with it, to see where it goes. And dragging a Balrog into a story about a vanishing penis—that’s gotta be an all-time world-wide first! Definitely something to be proud of. 🙂

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