The Games We Play

The Games We PlayFor those of you who don’t know, cross-dressing can be an overwhelmingly compulsive experience. And it doesn’t end when you lay on that final coat of lipstick, spritz on the Eau de Parfum, and strap yourself into a sexy pair of peep-toe slingbacks. It’s what you feel compelled to do next that truly defines who you are. When you’ve gone to this much trouble to look good, and if you’re in any way passable, the urge to be seen quickly becomes impossible to resist; to put your feminine image to the test. And it can become more than that: to force yourself into playing a female role. This is the ultimate game we play, and it can be dangerous. Not all of us are willing or able to play this game but for those that do, this is how it feels. Enjoy!

Anyone who’s been reading my work for more than six months should recognize this picture, because I used it as recently as last August in “No More Excuses” (yes, I like lipstick pics). What’s worse is that I didn’t even know it until I was writing this post. Doh!

Besides that caption, this effort is a strong return to the theme of “Another Kitten” and “Courage and the Crossdresser” before that. Anyone reading all this might think I had some sort of personal experience with this sort of thing. But nah… what are the chances of that? Those who can’t ‘do’ write about it obsessively, right? Yeah, that’s the ticket…


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