Don’t Jump to Conclusions

Don't Jump to ConclusionsNo group of people on Earth are harder on themselves than cross-dressers. That probably goes without saying. There are exceptions, of course (and God bless their little hearts), but for most of us there is only that internal voice that keeps saying, “You aren’t pretty enough. You aren’t good enough. You couldn’t pass as a woman even if you were driving a Trans-Am in the fast lane of the autobahn.” It’s important to fight that inner voice; tell it shut the heck up and hit the road, jack. Here’s a quick comic recap that dramatizes the situation and shows how silly it is, at least for some of us. Hope it helps!

This particular cover has been kicking around the community for ages. I don’t recall where I got the copy I used, but I did change the title and of course the contents of all the dialogue balloons. Jezzi Stewart over at TGCaps might have been the first to provide a TG twist to the original romance comic cover, and if anyone feels like combing through her many hundreds of TG covers to verify that, do let me know! In any case, her incredible backlog is well worth checking out for its own sake.

By the way, if you’re a fan of re-purposed comic covers my previous entry in this category, “Romantic Confessions“, might be worth a look. Enjoy!


Don't Jump to Conclusions

Tragic Tales of Cross-Dressing

9 thoughts on “Don’t Jump to Conclusions

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  4. You have a very vivid imagination Amanda, as I read in your story about crime and punishment. I think you also have a great sense of humor about this which absolutely does confuse and upset a lot of men.

    So if you ever want to contribute a forced feminization story you know where to contact me. Maybe you can change the world, but absolutely no Trans-Ams! Those days are long gone.

    • Thanks, Teresa. I hear ya re the Trans-Am, but I couldn’t resist the joke. As in a Trans-Am must surely be the ultimate and most appropriate car for anyone of a transgender bent to drive. One wonders how many cross-dressers (closeted or otherwise) once drove (or were driven) in a Trans-Am, during the heyday of the vehicle, and thought to themselves, “Yeah… too right.” (I know, someone reading this is gonna say, “well… back in the day the word ‘transgender’ wasn’t really in vogue, so no one would have thought that.” Okay, I hear. So let’s make it a vintage Trans-Am driven by a cross-dresser in the 90s. There, everybody happy?)

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