Shout-out to Diane


TG Captions By Diane

I’d like to take a moment to remind the TG community that Diane Darcy and her (extremely numerous) TG captions are still alive and well and living on Yahoo Groups. For anyone who’s been around since the days when Yahoo was our primary home, Diane hardly needs an introduction. This is group number 33 for her, and that doesn’t include her set of “naughty” caption groups. God knows how many captions that represents. Many hundreds, at least. Thousands? Millions? Whatever the case, Diane probably has more TG captions to her credit than anyone else, and yes there really should be a Guinness World Records entry for that.

Diane’s secret is to keep ’em short, which is obviously where our styles part company. Her captions are snappy and to-the-point (unlike mine), sort of like a TG proverb or haiku; they’re always thoughtful and/or amusing; and best of all they’re a hundred percent readable—meaning that they appear to be professionally designed and edited. As many of you know, my personal pet peeve is hard-to-read text, typos and spelling mistakes, but those are things you’ll never find in Diane’s work (or mine).

So do drop by Diane’s place and check out her work. I know it’s terrible to have to sign up with Yahoo just to see a few (thousand) pictures, but it’s easy to do—so suck it up, sunshine. Diane might be the only TG captioneer left in Yahoo (she’s the only one I know of) and she deserves our support.


2 thoughts on “Shout-out to Diane

  1. Please suggest to Diane that she consider moving from Yahoo. Yahoo is consistently becoming the worst choice for email and other services. I just tried to access the captions and Yahoo asked me to change my password. I checked to be sure I wasn’t being phished or other hacking method and confirmed the message was from Yahoo. After fifteen years of using Yahoo and all the troubles they’ve had and the worst customer service of any of the companies in the email business I just decided to transfer any contacts I have on Yahoo to my gmail account. Tell Diane I would love the joy of her captions but Yahoo has gone too far.

    Thank you for the best site yet. I appreciate the quality of your work and wish we could enjoy them more frequently. Jillian


    • You’re quite right about Yahoo. They’ve been declining for years and it’s hard to say how long they’ll be around; especially the Groups part. I’m sure Diane knows that as well as anybody. It would be a lot of work to move all her captions elsewhere; maybe she feels overwhelmed or hasn’t the time. That’s understandable. But if and when it happens, it would be great to have her vast body of work in one place; nicely organized by timeline or theme (or both, preferably). Someday!

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