DisbeliefSometimes a guy just can’t believe what he sees in the mirror—after a group of girls gets through with him. A chilling tale of cross-dressing gone mad! Or, to be more accurate, the stirring story of a young actor in over his head. You decide!

A reader recently praised my captions by way of mentioning that she could easily see every last one of them turned into a full-blown story. That was nice of her to say, although I wouldn’t strictly agree. Some captions do manage to encapsulate the story all by themselves, and anything more would be superfluous. Others could be expanded, but if I did that I’d be writing a whole lot fewer captions. But I did decide to extend this caption, which has been kicking around since August, into a longer vignette. Enjoy!


Chelsea Girl

Last chance before Christmas! They’re just flyin’ off the shelves! Hey, it sold out so fast that your local bookseller has probably forgotten it ever existed! So kick back with a cup of hot choc and get ready for the fastest, smoothest longish read of your life!

7 thoughts on “Disbelief

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  4. With that reflection in the mirror, who wouldn’t want to remain that way? I would gladly choose to see that face in the mirror each morning.

    • Too true. She’s gorgeous. Still, there’s probably a few crazy people out there who might choose to look like someone else. Imagine a world… where high-tech body modification has been perfected… everyone and his dog would look like this woman. 😮

    • Thank you. I won’t count this among my major works, by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s fun. What I like is the two bookend captions (of the same lady), with very different spins on their emotional state. The text in-between is filler, but of course you need it to understand the nature of the transformation.

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