You Belong to Me

You Belong to MeThere are creeps out there, we all know that. A girl’s gotta watch her back. Here’s a devilish little snippet about an innocent cross-dresser who got found out by the wrong dude. Maybe he was your buddy, or your brother’s best friend, or the guy living in the apartment across the hall. Whatever the case, he knows what you do and he’s got the pics to prove it. Enjoy the fantasy! (Because reality would be a horse of a whole different kettle of fish…)

This is a good example of another favorite type of image for me: the applying of cosmetics. There’s an obvious synergy here with mirror pics, but makeup has its own unique appeal. Again, “The Intruder Within” is a recent example. From last year there’s “Another Kitten” and “A Death in the Family“, and for one final example that I’ll go with that timeless classic, “The Legend of Norman“. There are many others. Feel free to explore the archives.

I admit to be slightly uncomfortable with the notion of a man dominating a woman—even if she only appears to be a woman—in this manner. In a word or two, it ain’t right. I know a lot of us in the TG community enjoy the thought of being coerced or dominated, but even they would have to admit that it sends the wrong message to the kind of creeps out there who might actually do something like this. I tried to address that in the caption through the slightly flippant responses of the woman—showing that she remains feisty and somewhat defiant to the end—and through the sub-heading in the PDF which hints that she will seek to remove herself from the situation just as soon as she can. And in case you’re wondering, this isn’t me going all PC or whatever; this is reality, baby. A modern woman (or cross-dresser) will not (and should not) put up with this kind of crap from anybody.


3 thoughts on “You Belong to Me

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    • Yes, and here-here too! I think most people in the TG community would agree with this sentiment, but perhaps not enough of us come right out and say it. Wish fulfillment and fantasies are fine, but we need a few positive affirmations too.

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