Magic in the Air

Magic in the AirJust a quickie today. A big Harry Potter fan buys a replica magic wand—only it ain’t. It’s the real deal. Whaddya do? Well, duh! You find yourself an A-one hottie and turn yourself into her! I mean, c’mon; what else would you do? Enjoy!

As most of my readers have probably guessed, I love mirror pics. Cross-dressers have a special fondness for the mirror, for obvious reasons, and I often use them for captions. “The Intruder Within” is the most recent, and from earlier this year “Flashback” is a good example. There are too many others to list, but last year’s “Bodyswap” is a popular caption and of course “Transgender Enhancement Therapy” might be top of the pops. And don’t hesitate to bet your last dollar on me returning to this trope in the future.


One thought on “Magic in the Air

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