Etiquette Lesson

Etiquette LessonHere’s the backstory: you’re a young cross-dresser and it’s your first time living away from home. You’re renting a suite in someone’s home, and in the back of the closet you happen across a big batch of clothing—boxes full of ladies wear, needless to say (that being the sort of story this is). What do you do?

Well, duh. You know damn well what you’d do. Even with the best of intentions—to leave it alone, that is—when the fever hits (think werewolf) and you’re alone with all those skirts and dresses and maybe even lingerie, nothing on this planet short of Superman could stop you from opening those boxes. Carefully, of course. So you’ll be able to put everything back just as you found it. But still, there’s a chance you could be caught. That’s what happened to Thomas in today’s caption. Enjoy the poor boy’s plight!

The caption revisits a theme I’ve addressed before. A caption from 2014, “The Nurse“, is nearly identical, with a different outfit and a variation of the same fate. I’m sure you can find other examples, all the way back to “Empty Nest” from 2009. The reason should be obvious: it’s autobiographical. Almost, at least; I didn’t get caught. But I often imagined what might have happened if I had been, and these tales are the result. So don’t be surprised if the situation turns up again. You can’t escape your roots.


Chelsea Girl

Don’t forget to check out Chelsea Girl, although it isn’t something you’ll find in your local library. If you cross-dress and you appreciate a good whodunit (more of a ‘whydunit’, actually), then you must read this story. Don’t delay!

5 thoughts on “Etiquette Lesson

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  2. I visit your blog in the biggest mess! This story is cute, and Thomas’s punishment isn’t actually very terrible, as it matches the boy’s dreams, I guess 🙂

    • Thanks. I had a bunch of stuff languishing at the nearly-done stage while I was working on finishing “Chelsea Girl”, so it was easy to finalize them once the big project was done. Let’s call it a year-out blowout!

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