Thank You, Sir

Thank You, SirTG captioneer Dee Mentia, who is certainly among the best of our little community, periodically runs a do-it-yourself (DIY) caption challenge. I don’t usually participate in such contests because they involve having to utilize a picture that someone else chose. And while the pic may be interesting, the way my creativity percolates (aka slowly) means that any caption I eventually come up with would miss the deadline by a mile (possibly many miles).

But this DIY challenge was different. Use any picture you want, just include the phrase, “Thank you, sir. May I have another?” Add that to the fact that I’ve got a ton of pics sort of halfway along the process of becoming captions and it was easy to find one that fit. This is the result.

I held off posting this caption until Dee posted the results of her challenge. Feel free to check out the other entries and add your own comments at the bottom of the page. And if you think mine might be the best of the bunch, a comment along those lines certainly wouldn’t be out of line. Enjoy!


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