FlashbackFor many of us out here in TG land, our first experience with cross-dressing—and feminine finery in general—was at Halloween. As young lads of perhaps five or six years of age, we would be feminized—disguised as a nurse or a Disney princess, or (as with me) a pretty little witch—by one of the ladies in our life; our mother, most often, but perhaps also an older sister or an aunt. Stories like this, involving any or all of these people, are standard fare in the TG community, and this caption is proud to join that fine old tradition. Enjoy!

As an aside, it occurs to me that, given the age at which this dress-up occurred and the amount of consent we could realistically have mustered, this effectively counts as a kind of “forced” (or at least coerced) feminization. So it’s really no mystery at all why the subject of forced feminization has become such a staple in TG fiction. We’re just harkening back to our roots! This is not to blame the ladies involved for turning us into cross-dressers, by the way. They couldn’t have known and I’m certain that other factors are involved, like hormones in utero and our general genetic makeup. The Halloween dress-up is only a trigger, albeit a fairly common one.


6 thoughts on “Flashback

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  4. Wonderful job! Halloween is such a magical time. I didn’t get any girl time on Halloween as a youth, to my complete dismay! Well, none that were directed by my mother at least!

    I do recall my babysitter when I was about 9 dressing me up in one of the costumes my mother had made (and rented to the neighborhood) but it was strictly the dress and tights, no make up 😦 Oh well! Had to wait until I was older for Halloween girly time!

    • Thanks, Dee. The only trouble with the early-early Halloween dress-ups is that they’re hard to remember. I can barely recall my own experience, to the point where I can’t be one hundred percent sure that it actually happened. Memory can be tricky that way.

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