Play to Win

Play to WinFrom time to time, as I cruise the weird and wonderful World Wide Web, I come across mention of a marvelously bizarre event known as the “womanless pageant”. Apparently they’re all the rage down in the good ol’ US-of-A (as I write this from the Great White North, which at least here on the west coast is actually more wet than white). It involves boys dressing up as girls and parading around at school and on stage, all with the blessing and even the assistance of both friends and family. This literally blows my little mind! What would I have done had this been around when I was but a lad? It’s easy to think that I would have entered, and maybe blown a few minds along the way with my flawless impersonation of a prom queen, but it’s just as likely I would’ve been too frightened of being found out to go anywhere near the thing. But one can dream… Enjoy the caption!


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