Bride to Be

Bride to BeHere’s a fable for our times. You throw a huge bash for your fair lady’s dream wedding, invite everyone in your family, the big day arrives—and the bride does a runner. Pfft—gone. What are you gonna do? Everything’s paid for, everyone’s here. You’re stuck, right? But then, out of nowhere, some guy shows up with an offer you can’t refuse, and neither can your best man. Go through with the wedding… with one minor alteration. Provided we get it all on film, of course. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Bride to Be

  1. Well Myles I think you are fooling yourself. Myra is here to stay because you know they are going to throw more money at you to get Breast implants and then the final surgery will be a money maker. Myra is here to stay and Myles will be dead.

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