SignsHere’s one for the ladies out there—the real ones, I mean. You know, the ones who were fortuitous enough to be born female, and nearly as lucky to stumble into a relationship with one of us guys who kind of admire both women and the way they dress (and walk, wear their hair, etc). The internet is full of dating advice for the estrogen unchallenged, but very little of it is tailored toward this sort of relationship. So we here at the Reading Room have decided to step bravely into the gap and provide the girlfriends with a few signs—signals, hints, whatever—that “he may not be that into you”. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Signs

  1. I was a tad puzzled…are We talking about hints that ‘he’ might be transgendered? (Which I, of course feel is a very good thing). That difficult because most of us have acquired the ability to hide as a survival skill. I would watch a man’s eyes….are they drawn to the window displays or mannequins at Ann Taylor?

    • The signs kind of morphed from the “he’s not that into you” kind into the “he’s really into being you” kind. That’s the humor. And it’s left unsaid in exactly what way the guy is transgendered; your garden variety cross-dresser (a really committed one), someone who wants to present as a woman full-time, or an out-an-out transsexual. Whatever floats your boat. 🙂

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