Knight of the Realm

Knight of the RealmIn days of old, it was commonplace for a brave knight to sally forth at the behest of his king, to seek out and vanquish some or other dark wizard who happened to be meddling in the affairs of decent townsfolk in some distant corner of the realm. The tale oft told is of a wizard vanquished and a knight returning in triumph to the court of the king. What you don’t hear about is those cases where the vanquishing doesn’t go as planned and the knight that returns to the court has been taken down a peg or three, to put it mildly. Here then, for your edification, is one of those other tales. Enjoy!


Note: I changed the PDF file on July 2nd to correct a spelling mistake (it’s comrades, not “comrads”, comrades). Many thanks to Mellissa for pointing that out. For the record, I take a certain amount of pride in putting out a good product, and that includes respecting my readers enough to get things like spelling and grammar right. So I’m happy to have any and all mistakes brought to my attention; rest assured there won’t be many, and any error that does dare show its face will be relieved of its existence ASAP.

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