Deluxe Bridal Package

The Deluxe Bridal PackageAttention men! Real life can be a little dull at times, a little ordinary, so when the routine rhythms of the rat race leave you hungering for something a little (or a lot) different, why not try our deluxe bridal experience? Girls seem to spend their entire youth looking forward to their special day, so why not see what the fuss is all about? If you’re lucky, it may even make you a better man and a better husband, somewhere down the line. (A word to the wise, though: before you sign a contract, always read the fine print.) Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Deluxe Bridal Package

  1. Well while most males haven’t thought about their special day since they were little, I most certainly did. It started at 4 years old, pulling up my mom’s half slip up over the top part of me and letting it drop down cover the rest, then slipping on a pair of her heels As I pretended to be a bride just like my aunt was earlier in the summer. I saw her dress and veil and just knew later on in my life after my privates fell off and I would become a girl that wedding dress would’ve mine some day!

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