Time Travel

Time TravelSo here’s the deal. You sign up for a reboot of Project Quantum Leap and are taken to a concealed US government laboratory somewhere in New Mexico. Time travel has been demonstrated as being feasible within a traveler’s own lifespan, as his body is placed in stasis and his consciousness sent to inhabit the body of someone in his past. Unfortunately, perhaps after several successful trips, the traveler can wind up in the body of his genetic mother. The furthest anyone can travel back is just prior to his own conception, when the egg he came from was created. Alas, this is precisely what happens to you, and mission control has a message. Listen carefully.


P.S. This fifth post in four days is the end of the stuff I had ready to go. Now I’m back to working on a pile of half-finished vignettes, ideas for captions that haven’t quite worked out yet, and a very long story that still has a ways to go. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Time Travel

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