No Mere Male

No Mere MaleWe all learned this harsh lesson in grade school: the pretty girl gets whatever she wants. It might as well be carved into the great wall of physics as a universal law, alongside energy = mass times whatever (I know the equation, I just didn’t feel like writing it out). But some guys aren’t willing to settle for second best. Here’s a short and sweet tale about one such man and his quest for perfection. Enjoy!


P.S. In the 4+ years this blog has existed, I believe this is the very first time I’ve posted twice in the same day. A word of warning: This is a one-off, folks. Enjoy it while you can. It won’t happen often.

2 thoughts on “No Mere Male

  1. Voltaire, or Spiderman … either one is close enough!

    I try to NEVER post twice in one day, as people might get ideas that I’ll do that more often! String us along Amanda, we don’t mind! Beauty corrupts, and absolute beauty corrupts absolutely, so take your time, O beautiful one!

    • Thanks, Dee. I hear ya, that’s why I was careful to add that warning. This is like one of those “once in a century” storms; I just happen to have a few items finishing up at about the same time. I’ve never been one to publish anything before it’s a hundred percent ready; I’ve literally got about 40 stories/vignettes/caps in various stages of writing. A few actually look complete, but something about them still bugs me so I hold back until I think of some final twist—or scrap the whole thing as not good enough. Ah, the life of a perfectionist…

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