Another Kitten

Another KittenA few months ago I posted a caption called “Courage and the Crossdresser“, where the guy dresses but fails to follow through. Bowing to popular demand, here’s a follow-up to that wherein our hero finds the courage to do what he’s always wanted to do. It also hints that there might be a bit of magic in the air, but then again maybe the magic is all in his head. Who knows? The name of the game is confidence.

I’d like to take a moment to welcome my readers to the fabulous year 2015. This website, like my writing, will continue to grow and evolve, and I’m working on new material as we speak. (The current caption is a holdover from last year.) Over the holidays I replaced the old “Hall of Fame” page with two similar webpages: Featured Stories to showcase my longer work, and My Highlights to serve as an introduction to my overall body of work. Regular visitors won’t find anything new there (at the moment). These pages exist for the benefit of newcomers, and to help ensure that past work doesn’t get completely buried by the new stuff. That’s a problem with most blogs, but we here in the Reading Room aspire to greater things.


8 thoughts on “Another Kitten

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  7. Capturing the moment of anticipation, the excitement of the transformation and the realization that it might just work. Wonderful work.

    • Thank you. What you just said: that’s the cross-dressing experience, distilled down to its fundamental emotional core. More than anything else, that’s what TG fiction should be trying to explore and capture.

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