The Mask

The Mask
Carson Thorne lives with a mostly-absent uncle and his youthful second wife, and his best friend is cross-dresser who foolishly thinks nobody knows. Only no one in this gonzo sci-fi romp is who they appear to be, and Carson is caught between enriching himself and saving the world.

To sum up, it’s a story about cross-dressing, full-out gender transformation, and alien intervention. And if that doesn’t make you want to dive right in, then nothing will.

And… another awesome promotional poster!


The Mask TG story promo

More fun with the gimp image editor, getting just the right transparency on the overlay pics to make them partially fade into the background.


4 thoughts on “The Mask

  1. I like this story very much, even though the Witch House remains my favourite, but I really appreciate your work. I’m not sure if my own novel will ever be published and I am certain that your writing will remain my challenge to match. I hope I’ll manage.

  2. I loved this, thank you for posting and sharing and writing. Sexy, funny and clever – much like your good self!

    Circe x

    • Oooh, a personal compliment! Thank you. I wish I was more like my writing in real life (don’t we all). Also, you’re welcome. That was a fun story to write, although the plot did take a rather sudden turn toward the end—one that I really should have done a better job of foreshadowing. Oh, well. Live and learn. It’ll make the new story I’m working on now that much better.

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