The Game

The GameMarriage is all about sharing… sharing your hopes and dreams, your fears and your failures, your lives and even your bodies with one another. This story is about one couple who took that last part literally and made a game out of it. And wouldn’t you know it, take them too seriously and games have a way of getting out of hand… Enjoy the conflict!


24 thoughts on “The Game

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  14. My gawd I loved THE GAME….. and I’d sell my ass in a Tijuana sex show for a case of that Bliss hair gel …. yes, I read the warning. I wouldn’t wash my hair for WEEKS.

    Well done Ms. Amanda!

    BTW I LOVE hypnosis stories…. forced/coerced dates…..and weddings with HONEYMOONS.

    I started disliking body suit stories, now I’m just jealous that somewhere out in fantasy such a thing exists, but not here for me…… I’d drop the key in a vat of molten lead, so much would I want to stay. Besides…. the suit stays hot, young, and beautiful. Right??

  15. hello Amanda, pleased to have found this site, by circuitous route having read some of Chelsea Girl on tgstorytime then googled the title. I enjoy a good read well written, though generally prefer to stay away from sf or magic. In the end the medallion or hypnosis didn’t detract and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and the outcome. I look forward to reading more. The captions are good though I would like to see one full story for each of the captions. Greedy aren’t I? Hugs TinaCortina xx

    • Thanks, Tina. I’m glad you liked the story. I put the text on tgstorytime precisely to let people know that the story is available on my website (in a more pleasing format), and I always add story notes directing folks here.

      Just to clear up a possible misconception, Chelsea Girl doesn’t involve any magic or sci-fi themes (although other of my stories do). Chelsea Girl is not a Medallion of Zulo story, and the hypnosis is really only a bit of self-induced mental conditioning. Otherwise, the novel is all cross-dressing, all the time.

      With regard to captions, if each one had to have a story attached then there wouldn’t be nearly as many! Some captions do have extra text attached, where one picture didn’t provide enough room to finish the idea. (So always check the PDF for more than a single page.) But more to the point, while some caps could certainly be expanded into longer pieces, others are self-contained snapshots that do manage to encompass the entire story (such as it is), and for those anything longer would be superfluous.

      • My apologies Amanda, I wasn’t trying to suggest that ‘Chelsea Girl’ had a medallion but ‘The Game’ did, although as I said it did not affect my enjoyment. Sorry, I should put separate comments on each story and thereby avoid confusion.

        And yes, I agree, your Reading Room does give much better reader experience.

        I also accept what you are saying that you can’t have a story for each tgcaption, only that many of your your ‘caption shorts’ are classic short stories in their own right and imho some if not many deserve extension & embellishment into the longer format – you decide of course and ABSOLUTELY no criticism intended.

        For those that read, as I do, rather than write, it is easy to say do this or that (well not easy but a lot easier than it is to write). I am really grateful to find good writers that cater to my taste even if you do lots of other things besides and to find those that respond…. well that is even better.

        Thanks again, TinaCortina x

      • No worries, Tina. No apology necessary. But yes, separate comments on each story would be great, if only so that other people would see them there when they’re deciding whether or not to invest their own time. I’m glad you enjoyed “The Game” as well!

  16. As always, a well written story with a unique concept. I have to admit, I was surprised that at the end Derek decided to stay as Miranda permanently, despite the hypnosis no longer affecting him. Its clear at the beginning Derek only viewed this as a game and didn’t appear to have any true TG tendencies, yet he appeared comfortable at the end with spending the rest of his life as a woman. So was the hypnosis still affecting his mind at a subconscious level, or was this caused by the medallion (I’ve only read a couple of Altered Fates stories, so please forgive me for not being more familiar with the universe). Was there nothing about his life as Derek that he missed?

    And what about the real Miranda. She sure seems to be alright with the fact that shes basically losing her husband. And what about her sexual needs? She appears to be straight and still wants to live as a woman most of the time. Would she miss having a male fullfill her sexually?

    Anyway, I hope you don’t think I’m being overly critical. It still was a great story. These are just observations that I’ve made, and I am probably way over thinking them. Hope to see more work from you soon.

    • Hi. Thanks for the props. You’re right about the character issues. This was kind of a quickie story focused on the ‘game’ concept; a longer, more robust story might have addressed those issues.

      One point: I’m not so sure Derek had zero TG tendencies at the outset, otherwise why would he get himself into a game like this? It’s something most of us would take for granted, but would a normal guy do that? As to the magic affecting his mind, who knows? Again, most of us probably take it as read that being a woman is better than being Frankenstein.

      Would he miss nothing about his life as Derek? For a real person, giving up one’s life to become someone else would be a huge decision. But it happens all the time in TG fiction (i.e. fantasies), which means we’re not dealing with realistic, well-rounded characters here. That could be addressed in a longer piece, although it would change the tenor and focus of the story.

      It did occur to me to wonder about Miranda and the loss of her husband. It goes for both of them; would Miranda #2 not have sexual needs as well? Are both of them now lesbians? There was no room to address that. The story had reached its natural length. To fix all those issues would mean a lot more text, with a different beginning and ending, and (let’s face it) the concept is too simple to bear the weight of a larger story. So the fix is to gloss over the issues, enjoy “The Game” for what it is (warts and all), and move on to the next story. 🙂

      Thanks for caring. I mean that.

      • Thank you for your quick reply. Sorry again for nitpicking this kind of story, but again, sometimes I just tend to overthink things. It is a great story once again. I hope for more of this in the future.

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