The Ultimatum

The UltimatumI’ve never done a “costume gun” caption before, mostly because it seems like a pretty lame way to effect a transformation. For one thing, is it magic or is it high-tech? In theory it could go either way, but you just don’t know.

More significantly, using the costume gun is clearly a crime. Turning a woman into a bodysuit is an assault, although it could also be kidnapping or even theft (or all three). It seems strange for the reader to be cast as the bad guy and expected to enjoy victimizing someone. So (as usual) I chose a different path. Here, the man wielding the gun is the bad guy, the woman is clearly a victim, and the dude stuck wearing the bodysuit is innocent of any wrongdoing. I think that’s an improvement on the standard scenario.


3 thoughts on “The Ultimatum

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