Dreams in the Witch House

Dreams in the Witch HouseIn 1932 H.P. Lovecraft wrote “The Dreams in the Witch House”, which is part of the famous (and infamous) Cthulhu Mythos. It’s the tale of a man who rents an attic room in the Witch House, an abode thought to be accursed. Other than that, Lovecraft’s story and mine don’t have a whole lot in common. I’m hoping he doesn’t find my borrowing his title too objectionable, or if he does that he keeps it to himself (what with him being dead and all).

How to sum up? It’s a story about cross-dressing (duh), gender transformation (what else?), and vengeance from beyond the grave (aren’t they all?). And if that doesn’t make you want to dive right in, then what would?

So read on, my friends, if you dare, to see what might happen if you lived on top of an ancient dollymop burial ground (as if you didn’t know).

Check out the awesome promotional poster!


Dreams in the Witch House TG story promo

These are a lot of fun to put together. Other than finding appropriate pics to appropriate [sic], the tricky part was trimming the girl’s image and getting it to fade into the background without looking badly superimposed. I used the gimp image editor for that, plus trial and error.


14 thoughts on “Dreams in the Witch House

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  3. A delightful story of fantasy, meandering sexual identity and power forced and transformed. It would be interesting to explore how Monique evolves, especially as, given Todd’s sense that the house was no longer intimidating, the feminine ghostly influence must have waned.

    and as well foe cerise, is she a loving partner or…? And what becomes of the reincarnated child … Something wicked this way comes??

    • Glad you enjoyed the story. I haven’t given much (or any) thought to what becomes of the people afterward. I think most stories are like this; they’re about some especially key, or transformative, moment in the characters’ lives and what comes after is understood to be more like everyday life, or at least reasonably extrapolated from the way the story ends.

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  7. I absolutely loved this story! I have actually read a number of your works, and I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into them.

    • Thank you! That story is one of my favs, mostly for the imagery involved. I do enjoy a bit of horror now and then, but the type with an atmosphere of dread (rather than the gory kind).

      Thanks also for mentioning the time/effort involved, in all my work. It is significant. I believe in doing my best every time out, and that includes rewriting (when necessary), editing and proofreading. The alternative would be to just write the first draft and throw it out there, warts and all. I can’t do that. I’m trying to be more professional. I’m committed to the craft (of writing).

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  9. As you know, Amanda, this is my all times favourite. Of course Malcolm is happy as Monique, from his point of view it does not look like he needed any coercion, it was his secret wish all along. You have got to have been there to know the truth. Believe me, it was the best thing that could have possibly happened to him.
    Cerise I would think was not affected by the house. She was just wise to her husbands secret, as women go her intuition told her everything she needed to know. I cannot see any weakness in the story, Amanda, it is perfect. Cerise is the woman we all dream about.

  10. Great story. I have to wonder though, is Malcolm really happy as a woman? He doesn’t appear to be a TS, and his desire to be a woman appeared to have come from the house. Is he really better off as a woman?

    And what was up with Cerise? She appeared to be really pushy about turning Malcolm into a woman, yet she didn’t know anything about Whickfields plan. Was the house controlling her too? She’s partly responsible for taking away her husbands manhood, thanks to that pillow.

    • Thanks. Good comments, valid points all. Malcolm was coerced, in a way, but we don’t know whether the changes the house affected his mind on a permanent basis, or whether the mental affects might lessen when he’s out of the neighborhood. It would be kind of a downer for Monique if she went to Europe on vacation and found herself miserable in her own body.

      As for Cerise, my thought was that the house was affecting her as well, inducing her to encourage the changes it wanted in Malcolm, but that may not have been apparent in the text. Since the story was written from Malcolm’s POV, it’s hard to indicate how much another character has been affected by a subliminal influence that she herself doesn’t know about. That’s a weakness in the structure of the story, but hopefully not a fatal one.


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