RegretsSay what? Yet another TG caption about transgender body-swapping? Have you no pity? Are we to be given no relief from the tidal wave of such captions already out there? Well, no… of course not. What rock have you been hiding under?

In case you hadn’t noticed, the captioning community is positively obsessed with this meme and that ain’t gonna change anytime soon—no matter what you and I and that duck over there might think. So just deal (with it), okay? Then chill out and have a cold one.

Let’s face it, body-swapping ain’t always the cure-all bed-of-roses it is so often made out to be. The victim in the swap (i.e., the original woman) is often forgotten or conveniently assumed to be happy with suddenly being male and either younger or older (whatever the case may be). But if you and I are so enamored with being female, then just maybe she is kind of in tune with it as well; not to mention enjoying her life in other respects.

This caption reminds us that the victim should not be forgotten—and very likely cannot be forgotten either. As Poe once showed us, you can’t ignore your conscience (this caption could’ve been titled “The Tell-Tale Gaze”).


2 thoughts on “Regrets

  1. i appreciate you playing with the idea of guilt with this trope – So few do or even care. As you mentioned above, it seems to everyone forgets how messy this type of change could be. Good work.

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