Just One Kiss

Just One KissHere’s another fun comic recap, which I was drawn to (no pun intended) by the expression on the girl’s face (and by her hair, of course). It involves multiple bodyswaps which are imposed on the helpless victims against their will—which is just the way we like it, right? Damn straight, I’m right. Enjoy.


P.S. Coming soon to the Reading Room, a major new story of transgender erotica: “Dreams in the Witch House“. Look for it here in late May.

Just One Kiss

Just One Kiss TG caption

2 thoughts on “Just One Kiss

  1. Hi! EverSoSweetClarissa from DA here, wandered over here to check it out. Down below this text box ‘it’ is telling me: “evenmorelessthanzeromasculinity: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ( Log Out / Change )”
    Ha! I forgot that username entirely! I think it may be over five or six years since I’ve ventured over WordPress.com way.

    • Hi, Clarissa. Welcome back! I’ve seen your work on DA (duh me, you already saw my comment there). Feel free to browse around; there’s lots here that I don’t post on DA (mostly because way too long-form).

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