The Girlfriend

The GirlfriendIn my previous post (and caption) I mentioned that all cross-dressers live in fear of being caught, and this vignette expands on that theme. It suggests than even though most of us really do dread being caught, maybe we don’t have to. Enjoy, and don’t be afraid of that little lump in your throat (it’s benign).


7 thoughts on “The Girlfriend

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  2. Wonderful! Very well done!I really enjoy all your stuff and I rarely leave comments anywhere but this one prompted me to do so. My first time here…drifted in from DeviantArt…I’m SpangledGlitterWings-;)

    • Thanks, Simone. It’s fun to link images together in a common plot thread, and to mix text and pictures like that. In terms of the story, it was cool to find a way to give the reader more awareness of what’s going on than the main character has.

    • Thanks, Anna. Unfortunately, it’s one thing to recognize that our fears are at least in part groundless, but quite another to act on that knowledge. Still, it’s a start.


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