The Pact

The PactTake one chunky youth who envies the life and body of his gorgeous cousin, stir in an ancient ritual for swapping bodies, and what do you get? One of the very few body-swapping captions I’ve ever done. Enjoy!


PS. I’ve been looking to experiment with animated captions and after I found this animation (shown below), I just had to do it. It took awhile to figure out how to combine GIMP (which can handle animated GIFs) with the usual graphics application I use for captioning (Snagit Editor, which couldn’t animate to save its life). But once I got it sussed, woo-hoo! It totally works; see for yourself (or click on the small icon above).

primping animation

Animation used in The Pact

4 thoughts on “The Pact

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  3. I really like the way you imply a conversation without having to use more than one voice…very clever. Also…..I would burn down an orphanage to look like the pic! (Just kidding but you know what I mean! ) : )

    • Thank you. It’s a fun way to relate dialogue. It’s not new either; you often see stand-up comedians run bits that way. The key is to have a good feel for the rhythms of speech and how people talk to each other.
      (I know what you mean about the girl; she looks amazing. Incredibly sexy.)

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