RetributionAccording to the definition, retribution is a punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved. That sums up this little vignette in a nutshell (pun not intended; you’ll see).

For those of you who are assuming (or hoping) that the transgender lady in this fable is the one being punished, shame on you! If there’s one thing we in the TG community should agree on, it’s that being a woman (or just looking like one) is a step up in the world—to a position of not just better looks, but greater power as well. Which is why the cross-dresser in this fable is the one handing out the punishment. The only part I myself feel a bit guilty about is making Vanessa’s goal in life so hedonistic and superficial. But what the hell, it’s only a fantasy. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Retribution

  1. Brilliant little tale. I’ve never seen this idea of caption stories before. You have a great gift for dialogue!

    • Thanks, it was a fun little story to write. Dialogue in general is something I find rewarding to write.

      Re: caption stories. TG captions have been around for quite awhile, but I find them limiting in that you can’t tell much of a story with so few words. And obviously illustrated stories have been around for awhile too. What I’ve tried to do is come up with something between the two extremes. Examples include vignettes, large-picture captions, multi-picture captions, and pieces that combine caption pages with text pages. All in the name of keeping the immediacy and focus of images with the in-depth interior life of (usually first-person) text. Perhaps this is my great gift to the world! 🙂


  2. I can say that i love everything about this story. This is the type of fantasy I enjoy most when it comes to feminine transformation. It’s so well written. The pacing is flawless and everything fits into place. Perhaps what I love most about the story is that she’s even more corrupt than her soon to be husband. It’s a mutual relationship (almost something similar to house of cards) and she’s made it clear that she’s wearing the panties in this relationship.

    I also adore the model you selected. Really exceptional work!

    • She is lovely, isn’t she? As soon as I saw that pair of pics, I knew I had to cap ’em!

      Thank you for your kind words. I go over and over the dialogue in my head (repeatedly, repeatedly) until the pacing feels right and the words feel natural, so it’s very nice when someone notices that. Most readers take this sort of thing for granted, and that’s as it should be. The words are supposed to be transparent, so you can see right through to the story being told. If a reader becomes aware of the words—through typos, misspellings, awkward phrases or whatever else—then they can’t fully enjoy the story. Penmanship counts!

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