Transgender Conversion Therapy

Transgender Conversion TherapyOne of last year’s most popular captions, maybe the most popular, was Transgender Enhancement Therapy. So in a transparent grab for attention, here’s another one in the same vein. It’s quite touching, really, the sacrifice this particular husband was willing to make for his wife. But was it really all that much of a sacrifice? Behind the scenes (and under the covers), who was it that made a sacrifice and who got exactly what they wanted? You may find yourself returning to these questions in the days and weeks to come. Be sure to let me know what you decide!

While I’m here, I’d like to let everyone know about the new and improved TGCaps website (now with an all-new hostess!). It’s a fantastic collection of TG-themed artwork (mostly recaps, some originals), open to all comers. Particularly impressive is the many hundreds of modified comic book covers created by the indefatigable (which means persistent and tireless) Jezzi Stewart, who is truly a treasure unique to the TG community. Be sure to peruse her work and do let her know that her efforts are appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Transgender Conversion Therapy

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  2. A wonderful idea. I wonder how many couples would be inclined to ‘give it a go’. I certainly wouldn’t mind swapping if my wife was such a pretty little thing.

    Once again, Amanda, a very thought-provoking caption.

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