Hypnotic Transgression

Hypnotic TransgressionDon’t look now, you’ve been hypnotized!

For some reason, hypnosis is a popular subject in TG circles. I suppose it has to do with giving ourselves license to indulge in a spot of cross-dressing without feeling guilty about it. Anyway, I too have felt its lure so here’s my take on how someone could be manipulated into a gender change. Enjoy!

By the way, this story continues my push to blur the lines between TG captions and stories (or vignettes). Instead of using pictures as an aside to the text, the images are part of the flow. I’ve done that before, of course, but here the story begins and ends with full-page captions, with a couple of others in-between. Read the captions where they appear in the text, and I’ve also tried to make it clear in what order the in-caption text should be read. Fingers crossed that it works for everyone.


5 thoughts on “Hypnotic Transgression

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