Miles to Go

Lovely Miss WeasleyI’d like to dedicate today’s TG captions to Miles of Miles’ Tasteful TG Caps fame. For my tastes, he uses some of the best pictures of any captioneer out there, and his writing is always clear, easy on the eyes and error-free. What more can one ask?

For the record, this set of captions was inspired by a picture that Miles used recently, so full credit there and my thanks as well. I hope he doesn’t mind my poaching of the image, but it was done with affection. Enjoy!

And a very happy Halloween to all my fans out there in TG land. May the Great Pumpkin be with you and yours on this most unholy of nights.


6 thoughts on “Miles to Go

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    • Thanks. It was a fun set to put together, with at least some of the fun being in looking for photos that plausibly go together! That’s an experience all of us TG captioneers have shared, to varying degrees of fun and frustration.

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