Shout-out to Courtney

I’d like to take a moment to commend and recommend Courtney’s Clean Caps to the TG community. Most likely you’re already aware of her blog, but her latest project is worthy of attention. It’s a series of tributes to other TG captioneers, in the form of caps done in their unique style. This is a very nice thing to do, in the sense of bringing attention to their work and at the same time thanking them for their efforts. It’s also interesting in that it highlights the (in retrospect) obvious point that everyone has a unique style. I have nothing earth-shaking to add to that, except that I think it’s a good thing. It means that the appearance of a caption reflects the personality of the person who created it. Unfortunately, the text added to many (too many) TG captions isn’t terribly unique, but a nice layout is a good start.

I don’t stop by Courtney’s place as often as I should, as our taste in pictures don’t often coincide, but she’s done a great job in creating a little community around her work. Color me green with jealousy on that score.

One of Courtney’s first tributes was to Steffie/Britney, a TG captioneer with a long history in the field. I don’t read her work as often as I might either, but she has great production values and that’s worth celebrating too.

I’d love to see Courtney’s take on my work, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. She has gone on record as saying that long captions (with lots of text) aren’t her cup of tea, and my work obviously goes in the opposite direction. I’ll go on record as saying that I agree with her: a lot of text can be an impediment to someone actually taking the time to read a caption, for the simple reason that the text is often poorly written. Some text is presented in huge paragraphs, which are hard to read regardless of the quality of the wordage. Some text simply fails to draw the reader into the story the way it should. I could go on. Basically, the sad truth is that long captions usually aren’t worth the effort.

I like to think my work is different, but that’s another story.


2 thoughts on “Shout-out to Courtney

  1. Hi Amanda. I have been a technical writer for 25 years helping people use machinery and software to do their jobs. As a professional writer, I can definately say your paragraph writing style is neither too long or too boring to read. You are exceptional at character development and are an expert writer at drawing your reader into the story as a participant rather than an onlooker. Please, do yourself a favor, never doubt your abilities as an engaging storyteller again. Such behavior would never be the “real” you. Terry

    • Wow. Thank you, Terry, for your kind words. High praise indeed!

      I really don’t think my style is too long or too boring either (or I wouldn’t be writing that way), but I do sometimes wonder at the attention span of people (not all, but some) who surf around looking for stuff to read. Too often, I suspect, it’s a quick glance and then they’re off to the next hit. Short captions are perfect for that sort of thing. If in my work they’re met with a wall of text, I’m sure some people are put off—much as I’m put off by any story that presents itself as a massive block (or blocks) of text. Of course, my work is well worth the effort 🙂 but not everyone knows that. Live and learn, one would hope.

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