For Shame

One of the GirlsYou’ve seen it before (I’ve even written it before): husband dresses up while the wife is away, who then returns to catch him in the shameful act. But even in such circumstances one need not bow down in self-reproach, and it need not end badly. After all, it’s only cross-dressing. No one got hurt.

One of the GirlsBONUS! On the surface this caption may appear similar to the above vignette, but it’s actually very different. It’s a more straightforward treatment of the same subject, with the opposite outcome. Just sit back and enjoy the double entendre!


4 thoughts on “For Shame

  1. Me gustan mucho tus historias, solo que no hablo ingles y uso un traductor, con lo que se pierde algo de la esencia…

    AH: Google translation: “I really like your stories, I just do not speak English and use a translator, so you lose some of the essence…”

    • Thank you. I’m impressed that you went to the trouble of translating them. If I spoke (or wrote) anything other than English I’d provide my own translations, but I have enough trouble mastering the intricacies of this one language (I just had to look up how to spell “intricacies”). 🙂

  2. Strange thing: I get a lot of traffic on this website, but very (very) few comments. I know we’re all in the closet to some extent or other, but it still puzzles me; after all, comments can be left anonymously. I’m pretty sure I do good work, but without feedback how can I be sure anyone appreciates it?

    That said, I’m not in this for adulation; I write these things because I enjoy doing so. And I plan to keep writing, regardless. (Although there are other things I could and should be working on, so I can’t guarantee that the TG stuff will keep flowing.) But a quick thank-you would certainly make me feel better. That’s all.


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