One of the Girls

One of the GirlsThis is probably my fastest caption ever. I saw the image on Sunday, and here’s the finished product less than two days later. My thanks to the very talented Miles for the picture; I know it wasn’t his photograph to begin with, but he captioned it first. Credit where credit is due.


5 thoughts on “One of the Girls

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  2. Very nice caption. I frequently visit “Miles-Taseful TG_Caps ” at ; however, I don’t recall ever seeing the picture that you used. Is that the “Miles ” to whom you refer ? So what’s next for Jenna ? Full transformation into a woman would seem to be the next logical step, as the hormones will chemically castrate what “little ” remains of John ; now Jenna. And I don’t think Jenna wants to be a eunuch ; but rather a woman.

    • Good catch. The caption with that picture appeared on another website, but it was attributed to Miles, signed by Miles and was definitely in his style. I think it must be an older cap that appeared on one of his Yahoo groups.

      As to the story implied in my caption, it’s open-ended and could go off in any number of directions, including the one you mentioned.

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