The Whole Closet

Transgender Enhancement TherapyHere’s another entry in my tour of standard transgender memes: the enduring appeal of Mom’s closet and the even more enduring fear of being caught. Of course, there are worse ways it could work out than what’s shown here…

We pause for station identification and a brief editorial

Like most of you, we here at Amanda’s Reading Room read TG captions and stories online. We all see many of the same pictures. Now think about what happens when we consider what to write for an image that’s caught our attention. Our first idea is bound to be something similar to a TG caption or story we’ve seen before. It’s just human nature. That’s why it’s important to put that first idea aside and move on to our second, third or fourth ideas (if not beyond that), because that’s where you’ll find more creative scenarios. It’s also important to expand the scope of one’s reading (published stories and even nonfiction!), but that’s a topic for another day.


4 thoughts on “The Whole Closet

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  2. Or… you could listen to your dreams. Here’s mine from last night: During World War 2, a low-ranking American solider (shiftless guy) turns out to be a body-double for the young(ish) wife of a Nazi general. He’s given a sex change (cutting-edge tech for the time) and trained to impersonate the woman (who’s already been captured), then sent behind enemy lines in her place. Various adventures ensue, whereupon the impersonation is revealed and he barely manages to escape–but of course by this time he has “found himself” and chooses to remain the woman (and new identity) he has become. Amazing narrative detail for a dream! And where it came from, I have no clue.

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