By Any Other Name

By Any Other NameGiven my predilection for long hair, this caption will come as no surprise to readers of my work. I think Kate is lovely, and she seems like a nice person too, so I can easily imagine someone wanting to pay tribute to her as shown in the caption. I can also imagine the attempt going totally sideways…

I didn’t post an announcement for my previous caption, Backstage at the Reading Room, so I’ll just mention that it’s there and say no more about it. As the saying goes, it is what it is. 😐


2 thoughts on “By Any Other Name

    • Thank you. It’s an attitude hard come by, I can assure you. All of us TG folk (of whatever stripe) have had to struggle to accept ourselves for who we are. For anyone who’s still having trouble in that regard, be certain that it is indeed possible.


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