Going Home

Going HomeMy third major release of 2013 is Going Home, an illustrated 27-page short story, published in a book-format PDF file. As usual, it is best read in Adobe Reader’s two-page view, although the graphics are clearer when you zoom in.

Sarah is a woman like no other, and to Oliver is a dream come true. But great beauty comes with a price on its head. Is Oliver willing to do what it takes to be with the woman he loves?

Enjoy the read. (Comments, or else! :-))


P.S. For fun, you might also want to check out my new “Hall of Fame” page, featuring the most notable stories from each of the last seven years. The link appears in the menu and is prominently displayed in the sidebar.

5 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. Thank you for the wonderful stories. You are certainly one of the most talented authors I know. Thank you for writing as you do, and for taking such time to be precise and edit well.

    • You’re welcome. And thank you for saying that. I’m always happy to hear that my writing is appreciated. And since editing is so often a thankless task, in some ways it’s even nicer for that to be appreciated.

  2. Four months have passed and there have been no comments left here, in spite of my meaningless threat. The story received four good reviews and a five-star rating over at TG Storytime, but nothing here. ‘Tis sad to see.

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