Amanda Recommends – July 2013

I’d like to thank Miss Simone, famed proprietress of The Modern Goddess blog, for sending a recommendation my way. Simone’s captions always have great production values, and she puts just as much care into her text (something all too rare in the industry), and I think that’s worth celebrating.

I often cruise the TG caption blogs via the World of TG and TG Central link collections, but I’m just as lousy at leaving comments as anyone else; not to mention being notoriously hard to please. So here’s a shout-out to a few of the caption blogs I tend to enjoy.

(The list is alphabetical, so nobody should lose any sleep over the ordering. If your blog isn’t here… well, there’s always the possibility I just haven’t seen it. Yeah, let’s go with that.)

Alix’s TG Captions (got a soft spot for reluctant changes)

Becky’s TG Caps (thanks for the link, Becks!)

CrestF TG Captions (definitely an innovator)

Dan’s Captions (thoughtful work)

Dee-lusions of Grandeur (longtime link to me–thanks, Dee!)

Knight’s TG Caps (the knight has class)

Miles’ Tasteful TG Caps (the best of the best IMHO)

Modern Goddess (terrific production values)

Rebecca’s World (another long-time link to me)

The difficulty with captioning in general is that it’s not easy to say something new and engaging in so few words. TG captions further restrict the subject and theme, making it even harder. So most captions fail to interest me because they say pretty much the same thing as a zillion other caps (with minor variations). I also find it annoying when the words aren’t given the same care and attention as the picture; a few typos I can understand, but a huge run-on paragraph just isn’t going to get the reading it might otherwise deserve. Formatting matters!

Yada, yada, yada. I’m also not a big fan of graphic pictures, or caps with dumb broads or sissies (empowerment, yes; humiliation, boo hiss). That’s why this list is so short. Let’s celebrate quality, my friends, not just quantity!


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