Shout-out to World of TG

A big thank-you to Viola at the World of TG link collection for adding my link this past weekend. Right away, I noticed a satisfying spike in web traffic.

I found this surprising, because the link has been available on TG Central for quite awhile. I commonly visit both sites and I assumed that most people did the same, but apparently not; it appears that many of us use only the World of TG. So congrats to Viola for compiling a complete enough set of links that quite a few people see no reason to consult the competition.

Defiant DaughterTo celebrate, here’s a new TG caption about the kind of dysfunctional relationship that I suspect all too many of us have with our mothers. Enjoy.


One thought on “Shout-out to World of TG

  1. Hi Amanda,

    I completely agree with you. World of TG has the biggest collection of TG sites and it has also helped me to get good amount of traffic to my site. 🙂

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