Weekend Getaway

Weekend GetawayIt’s an old (TG) story: guy dresses up, goes to the office on a weekend, is discovered by the office jerk, and has to do unspeakable things to said jerk in order to keep it quiet. You’ve heard it all before, right? Right. So here it is again. Indulge yourself.

Why bother reading the thing if you’ve seen it all before? No reason. Don’t bother if you’re feeling jaded. But it’s really well done. (Or so I tell myself when life seems grey.) If you need a reason to click the link, there you go.


(I was right, wasn’t I? If so, do let me know…)

6 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway

  1. I don’t see this as such a bad thing. I mean, don’t most sissies or trannies want to be wanted? I kinda do…I like the way you conveyed the story.



    • You’re right, of course. Everyone, tranny or not, wants to be wanted. But fantasy aside, it’s never right to be forced, or blackmailed, or in any way coerced. And that, ladies and ladies, is my sermon for the day.

    • Thanks. Telling a story on one page is tricky, so I’m pleased to hear that it’s working for people. Most captions deal with this by quickly “telling” the story by relating a bunch of facts, which is passive writing. In contrast, using dialogue “shows” the story (as if the reader is right there while it’s happening), which is active writing. Passive writing tends to be dull; active writing tends to better engage the reader’s interest. (I’m not tooting my own horn here; any book on writing will tell you the same thing.)

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